Annie Barrett
February 04, 2014 AT 12:00 PM EST

Let’s slim down to business: Tonight, Bobby Saleem, David Brown, and Rachel Frederickson weighed it out for The Biggest Loser: Second Chances $250,000 grand prize. And the season 15 winner is….

Rachel Frederickson!

The former state swimming champion lost a whopping 58.62 percent of her starting weight, while David lost 54 percent and Bobby, 52 percent.

“LOL, you are sooooo gross,” (Too?) Thin Rachel sneered at her heavier hologram. I love seeing the transformations come to life onstage, but this tends to at least somewhat veer into Mean Girls territory, right? Pipe down and eat a Kalteen bar, Rach. Hell, eat 15.

Girl is now skinny-skinny — even by Hollywood standards. The trainers looked shocked — and not in a good way.

Also, I did not recognize Bob Harper, who looks like Tobias Fünke’s ultimate leather daddy come to life as played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Way to rock out, Bob!

Did the right loser win? According to math, yes. But according to you…?

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