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Dalton Ross
February 06, 2014 AT 06:22 PM EST

The new season of Survivor: Cagayan (premiering Feb. 26 on CBS) will see 18 contestants divided into three tribes of Brains, Brawn and Beauty. As Jeff Probst already told us, the show was deep into casting when they came up with the concept, so the players already selected were then placed into which tribe the producers thought they fit best. Naturally, that got me thinking — which tribe does Probst think he would he put into if he was a contestant on this season? So since I thought it, I asked him. And here’s what the host said:

“Honestly, If I was brains, brawn or beauty, I probably wouldn’t be put on this season. I don’t really know what my IQ is, but I’m pretty sure it’s not brilliant. And no one’s going to look at me and say ‘brawn.’ And clearly I’m not on the beauty tribe. So if I look at it myself, brawn I think would be a joke. Beauty would be a joke too. And brains, I would think that if they put me on the brains tribe, they are realizing that even though he may not have the IQ, he has the emotional intelligence so therefore he’s on the smart tribe. And that’s what I’d tell myself, and that’s what I’m telling myself right now.”

So there you have it, Probst thinks he would be on the brains tribe, but he’s not exactly giving himself a ringing endorsement. Of course, the man is merely being modest. After all, if his recent naked bacon bits appearance on Two and a Half Men is any indication, the beauty and brawn tribes would not be as great a stretch as he is making them seem. Such a triple threat, that guy! (His well-roundedness actually qualifies as mildly infuriating.)

But who cares what he thinks! What tribe would YOU put Jeff Probst in? Also, which tribe on Survivor: Cagayan are you rooting for? And do the members of the beauty tribe really even qualify as beauties? Hit the message boards and weigh in on these clearly pivotal questions. Plus, for more Survivor scoop, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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