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February 13, 2014 AT 07:11 AM EST

Day 6 of NBC’s Primetime Olympics coverage saw more action than the Tinder-using athletes on the prowl at Olympic Village.

The biggest shock of the night? Something we thought only happened at the Producer’s Guild Awards — A TIE! Dominque Gisin of Switzerland and Tina Maze of Slovenia tied for gold in the women’s downhill, a race in which “nine one hundredths of a second” is an actual thing. For Gisin, the win comes after the athlete has endured nine knee surgeries (!!) , which [S.H.I.E.L.D. spoiler alert] is more surgeries than Agent Coulson received to come back to life. In other words, she’s amazing. And while we’re on the subject of fascinating facts, Maze, too, is a rock star. Literally. In her native country, the skier is a well-known pop star and model. The crown jewel of her country. Meaning, the Beyoncé of Slovenia. The T-Swift. The Britney. But more badass than all of those combined because she’s now also a gold medal-winning Olympian.

On the American front, Kaitlyn Farrington scored the US another gold by rocking the halfpipe, besting event fave and fellow American Kelly Clark, who took bronze. On a night that saw a number of upsets — Julia Mancuso and Shani Davis, who competed in downhill and 1000-meter speed skating, respectively, failed to medal — Farrington’s surprise victory was a spirit-lifter.

We also saw the conclusion of the pairs skate, where Russia’s powerhouse duo Maxim Trankov and Tatiana Volosozhar took the gold, which was not a surprise. More surprising? How incredibly interested I was in their romantic lives. Actually, no, that was not a surprise either. I have no self-control.

Time to give out some EW Gold Medals for the night:

Olympic Studs of the Day: It’s a tie — because if the Olympics can do it, we can, too.

So congrats to Maze and Gisin. The power and strength they exhibited in the downhill competition — and in their personal lives leading up to their Olympic moment in the sun — was nothing short of incredible. Also awesome? The Robin Sparkles vibe I’m getting from Maze’s music video:

Shocking disappointment of the day: One day after favorite Shaun White failed to medal, speed skater Shani Davis also came up short in the men’s 1000-meter and didn’t get on the podium. “That’s the quietest this arena has been at the end of the race perhaps the entire competition,” said one commentator, who’s kind of a jerk for rubbing it in.

But, overall, this says it all:

Yoko Ono and John Lennon: Ron Frehm/AP/Wide World Photo

Most adorably embarrassing parental attire: After Stefan Groothuis won gold for the Netherlands in the 1,000-meter, the camera cut to his parents, who had changed out of their “Go Stefan” shirts into the ones shown below. Guys, they believed in him enough to make shirts celebrating his win, which is something so touching that it seems like it was ripped from a Visa commercial.

Andrew Harnik/AP

WTF Award: Presented without comment.

Most terrifying moment of the night (Note: She was OK!):

Top 5 times we ‘shipped the Russian pairs skaters, Maxim Trankov and Tatiana Volosozhar:

5. These two aren’t dating. But they say they love each other and don’t shoot down at the idea of taking their relationship to a new level at some point. Which is crap, honestly. Because they already have a dog together.

Tony Rivetti/ABC

4. And they take touristy photos together — like couples do!

Photograph by MICHAEL MULLER/© 2015 MVLFFLLC. TM & © 2015 Marvel. All Rights Reserved.

3. And their trainer admits they have a special bond — on a COSMIC level.


2. And they comfort each other when they get emotional.


1. And most importantly, they trust each other enough to pull this off:

…so, can we get on this, Maxim and Tatiana?

XOXO, PopWatch

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