Erin Strecker
February 18, 2014 AT 02:45 PM EST

Ten years ago, if Jimmy Fallon told you he was going to host the Tonight Show, you’d likely respond to the Saturday Night Live player, “Yeah. In your dreams. Enjoy the Taxi premiere!”

But times have changed, and with Monday night’s debut for Fallon’s Tonight Show, it was time for the comedian to collect on a couple bets. “To my buddy who said I’d never host the Tonight Show — and you know who you are — you owe me a hundred bucks,” he declared during his monologue.

Cue Fallon’s buddies: Robert De Niro, Tina Fey, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lindsay Lohan, and many, many more. Watch below in EW’s late-night highlight video:

And here’s the full video:

Fans who follow Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram (no judgment!) likely had a clue something like this might be in the works for Fallon’s debut, as the actress uploaded a photo yesterday of herself in an elevator with Robert De Niro and what appears to be the luckiest NBC page in the world.

Stephen Colbert, Lindsay Lohan…no one is better than a Tonight Show selfie.

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