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Samantha Highfill
February 19, 2014 AT 05:36 AM EST

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched the Feb. 18 episode of Pretty Little Liars, stop reading now!

Alright Liars, what do you think?! Was Ezra telling the truth? Is there still hope for Ezria? And why was that ski lift still operating? Let’s discuss it all!

First up in tonight’s episode, we were back to Spencer’s drug habit. Only this week, instead of taking us into a magical film noir dream land, she took us to Ezra’s classroom, where she was passed out (in her pajamas) on his desk. Apparently, drugs make her do crazy things, like sleep walk and wear sweats to school. Um, Spence. This show is called Pretty Little Liars, not Frumpy Little Liars. Stop dressing like I did in high school and put on some pumps!

Meanwhile, with the Liars planning to tell Aria the “truth” about Ezra after school, Mr. Fitz took one last jab at undermining Spencer. He told Aria about Spence’s drug problem and handed over the file he stole a few episodes back. Apparently Spencer had a drug problem two years ago. My question is: How did the other Liars not know about it? Weren’t they all friends two years ago? Wasn’t this show on two years ago? I’m lost. And while we’re on the topic of me being lost, has Toby graduated from school? I think I’ve been too obsessed with discovering who “Uber A” is to notice just about anything else that was happening.

After school, the Liars gathered for what Spencer thought was Aria’s intervention only to learn that it was her own. They were worried about her drug problem, to which she responded by screaming about how Ezra is board shorts! Aria, of course, didn’t take her seriously, and Hanna and Emily refused to back her up. And cue the unbearable frustration! Watching Emily and Hanna refuse to support the “Ezra is ‘A'” thing made me want to change the channel. And “A” having planted Wren’s prescription pads in Spencer’s purse? Well, that just made me want to throw something at the television (though it was smart on Ezra’s part). Luckily, however, things came to an end when Spencer later showed up at Hanna’s house with a plan. Ali’s diary repeatedly mentioned Ambrose Pavilion, so they were going to set up a fake meeting there to “give Ali the money Shana never got to her.” They’d let Ezra get word of it hoping he would show, and if that happened, everyone would have to believe Spencer’s theory.

But before the Liars went about getting solid proof against the vest-loving English prof, Aria wanted to spend a little alone time with him. She told him all about Spencer’s breakdown, which inevitably brought up Spence’s most recent trip to Radley. While talking about what sent her over the edge last time, Ezra mentioned how seeing a motorcycle helmet and a tattoo in the woods was enough to get her committed, to which Aria quickly realized what I was screaming at the television: “How did he know that?!” She called him out on the information, but he claimed she must’ve told him. Sorry, Ezra. Your blue eyes aren’t going to get you out of this one.

So as Hanna, Emily, and Spencer headed to the reptile exhibit (of all places) at the Norris Town Zoo  — a.k.a. Ambrose Pavilion — Aria went to do a little digging of her own. She was at Ezra’s cabin, where she needed a password to enter. After trying every author she could think of, she hit the jackpot with B26, which was the title of the poem Ezra wrote about her years ago (further referencing the song on the jukebox when they first met). Once inside, she found Ezra’s trap door, but it looked like he had cleared out his lair. (He’d have to eat his chickpeas elsewhere!) But, he hadn’t cleared out his copy of a cookbook titled Carnivore’s Delight. Inside, he’d wedged a copy of what appeared to be a book he was writing … about Ali.

When Ezra showed up at the cabin — thanks to a security alert on his phone — Aria ran into the woods. Sadly, she left her car keys behind. Many tension-filled moments later, she had found a working ski lift, where she ran for some sort of safety? I think it made sense in her head. But Ezra was right behind her. The two were stuck together in mid-air to finally have it out. Ezra explained that he met Ali in college, where she had lied about her age, and he said he was writing a book about her. It was a true crime novel. According to Ezra, Ali’s disappearance lit a fire in him to get to the bottom of the story. He was a reporter who would stop at nothing to get to the bottom of the story, which is why he started dating Aria.

Ezra admitted that his whole reason behind coming to Rosewood was to find out more about the mystery. But then he fell in love with Aria, and when they got serious, he stopped writing. However, when they broke up recently, he started again, which is when he learned that Ali was still alive. He promised that he never hurt Ali and even offered to burn the book, but Aria wanted to read every last page, which is why it was a total bummer when she dropped all the pages in the snow about 75 feet below the lift. Was that a strategic move by Ezra? Does he not have a digital copy? And am I totally messed up inside that seeing him cry hurt my heart? Maybe I’m crazy, but I think he’s telling the truth. Do I think there’s more to his story? Yes. And I think he’s sketchy, but I don’t think he’s totally lying here. Maybe because I’ve subscribed to the theory that Mrs. Fitzgerald is “Uber A” and therefore to blame for everything. Who’s with me?

Back at the zoo, the Liars’ plan failed. Somebody in a blond wig started to make off with the money before leaving it behind, along with the wig. Why? I have no idea. But it definitely appeared to be Mona when she showed up late to her date with Mike, who was busy waiting for her to say something that rhymed with “glove.” Maybe she left the money because she really does want to stop all this, like she told Ezra earlier. Thoughts?

And in the show’s final moments, Mrs. Hastings told Spencer she knew about her new/old drug habit, and a hooded minion was seen picking up the pages to Ezra’s book. So maybe he doesn’t have a digital copy?

What did you all think of the episode? Did you believe Ezra’s story about writing a book? I still don’t know how involved I think he was in the “A” side of it all. Was he the one sending threats? How would that have helped him write a book? Unless that was the only way he could think of to get to Ali. Ugh, I don’t know what to feel. As my roommate so elegantly put it, “It’s all downslope from here.”

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