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Capsule Movie Reviews (Feb. 26): 'The Bag Man' and two more

The Bag Man Review

The Bag Man
R, 1 HR., 48 MINS.
A third-rate Blood Simple wannabe starring John Cusack as a cursed tough guy tasked with retrieving a mysterious satchel and outsmarting a menagerie of deadly oddballs. The only one having any fun in this dead-on-arrival noir is Robert De Niro as the film’s sadistic pompadoured puppet master. CChris Nashawaty

Kids for Cash
PG-13, 1 HR., 42 MINS.
Robert May’s harrowing documentary recounts a disgraceful scandal involving a tough-talking Pennsylvania judge who allegedly took kickbacks for sentencing kids to Dickensian juvenile-detention centers. In the end justice is served, but the teens interviewed in the film will never get their lost childhoods back. A–Chris Nashawaty

The Lunchbox
PG, 1 HR., 44 MINS
A teasingly restrained piece of sentimental food porn. The great ­Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan has a pensive ­sadness as Saajan, a ­solitary accountant who’s about to retire. When he mistakenly receives the lunchbox a housewife (Nimrat Kaur) has packed for her husband, he responds to her tasty cooking more than the husband ever did, and she begins to ship him meals — and ­letters. It’s neorealist corn, but it gets to you. BOwen Gleiberman