Dan Snierson
February 26, 2014 AT 06:00 PM EST

Winter Break is over, and it’s time to file back into the halls of Greendale for a new episode of Community. What will you find in there? A ghostly and ghastly one-man show by Chang (Ken Jeong). A harsh punishment for Abed (Danny Pudi) at the hands of Professor Hickey (Jonathan Banks). And a big battle over Britta. Yes, Professor Duncan (John Oliver) makes his play for the former foot model (Gillian Jacobs) with the help of his buddy Jeff (Joel McHale). But maybe Jeff’s heart isn’t into it. Because maybe it wants Britta for itself. Press pause on Good Luck Chuck, pop a few Reese’s Pieces, and check out this clip from “Introduction to Bondage and Beta Male Sexuality,” which airs Thursday at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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