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'Alan Partridge': Steve Coogan tells his bosses to 'just sack Pat' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Alan Partridge

(Nicola Dove)

In Alan Partridge, British actor and comedian Steve Coogan is back at it as everyone’s favorite politically incorrect Norwich radio DJ – only this time, Alan’s days at North Forfolk Digital may be numbered. When a multinational conglomerate buys out Alan’s beloved station with the intent of rebranding it entirely, the locally famous radio personality finds himself fearing for the safety of his job.

It’s every man for himself as Alan pleads with his new bosses to sack his co-worker and fellow DJ, Pat Farrell (Colm Meaney), instead of him. Watch the exclusive clip from Alan Partridge below:

Alan Partridge is now available on iTunes and on VOD starting Friday, and hits theaters April 4.