Ray Rahman
February 28, 2014 AT 05:00 AM EST

Johnny ”Guitar” Watson, ”A Real Mother For Ya”
“I’ve done karaoke with my friends from Desperate Housewives; I was actively looking for an obscure one to do. But then I went back and listened to it and was like, Oh, no.”

Daft Punk, ”Get Lucky”
“I remember Nile Rodgers from the old days, so it’s nice to hear those grooves again. It was so recognizable, and when it came out I was like, Whoa, I know that sound! This is grooving music, for when we have a dance party [with my son, Callum], but he has to finish dinner first. You always have to finish dinner to get the dance party.”

Led Zeppelin, IV
“Every song on this album is magic. It got me through high school. A couple art students actually convinced the faculty to let them paint murals of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page on opposite sides of the cafeteria…. [Laughs] It was eventually torn down.”

Deep Purple, ”Smoke On The Water”
“It was a huge song when I was in junior high — and quite easy to play if you were in a band. For the record, we never played live. We never even got as far as picking a name. [Laughs]”

The Black Eyed Peas, ”I Gotta Feeling”
“The biggest influence on my music right now is Callum, who’s 5. He’s particularly happy when Mom and Dad jump around with him. He’ll do the couch-jumping, and we’ll handle the floor-jumping.”

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