Erin Strecker
February 28, 2014 AT 02:00 PM EST

Will Rachel Berry cover Lea Michele this season?

If Glee is known for one thing, it’s song covers. And while earlier seasons gave us new twists on the biggest hits of the ’70s and ’80s, in recent years they’ve rushed to put their spins on current pop tracks blowing up the charts. (See: All the Katy Perry!) Which means when McKinley’s brightest star — which, duh, would be Lea Michele — dropped her first album (Louder, streaming now on iTunes), it would only be a matter of time before the pop songs make their debut on Glee.

Because it’s all but inevitable, we picked five of Michele’s Louder cuts and imagined how they might wind up on the show in the future.

1. “Louder”

The Scene: The New York band crew — including Santana, Kurt, and Rachel — could take on Michele’s title track. The upbeat pop tune would be a great fit for a combo band rehearsal/everyone hanging out in Bushwick montage that showed — in between Funny Girl rehearsals — the gang enjoying their new, grown-up lives. Plus, there is nothing Glee loves more than an empowerment anthem, so they won’t be able to stay away for long.

2. “You’re Mine”

The Scene: With lyrics like “Hold me until we die/I’m yours and you’re mine,” the dramatic power ballad seems poised to make its small-screen debut during a big love scene. (Maybe Marley and her paramour of the week?) It sounds oddly reminiscent of West Side Story‘s “One Hand, One Heart,” which of course the show memorably covered when Rachel and Finn — not to mention Kurt and Blaine — went all the way back in season 3.

3. “Burn With You”

The Scene: Being engaged is hard! Which means Kurt and Blaine are sure to have some big fights over the next few months. While we’ve no doubt the two will eventually work it out, how great would this tune be a resolution? Sung as a duet, of course. The two can confront their issues (i.e., too much hair gel), and then realize that they are always going to be together because of true love and such. “I don’t want to go to Heaven/If you’re going to hell,” etc., etc.

4. “Battlefield”

The Scene: McKinley High has breakups galore. Next time someone is wondering, “Is it all worth it?” “Can my choir room love really go the distance?” they can break out this number — ideally with multiple wronged parties at once a la season 4’s “The Scientist.” “What seemed like a good idea/has turned into a battlefield,” Michele sings. What seemed like a high school relationship problem continues post-graduation, apparently.

5. “What Is Love?”

The Scene: Cue the tears. Brittany is returning for the 100th episode….perhaps we’ll get a final Santana/Brittany number about two people who have moved on but will always love each other? This song seems like a perfect fit for the show, and could be a great “I’m Done” number. If Michele wants to sing this song herself, it could also be a great audition number….Funny Girl won’t last forever, and she’s going to want to top “To Love You More” from her last callback.

Do you think we’ll hear some of these songs on Glee? What do you think of Michele’s debut album?

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