Erin Strecker
March 02, 2014 AT 02:30 PM EST

Will it be 12 Years a Slave or Gravity? Will people enjoy Ellen DeGeneres’ performance, or will we be wishing it was Anne Hathaway and James Franco again instead? Will Jonah Hill end the night as an Oscar winner? So many questions, and in just a few hours we’ll have the answers.

Right now, we may not know every crazy future meme that will happen during tonight’s ceremony (airing on ABC beginning at 7 p.m. ET), but we made some educated guesses about things that could go down during the DeGeneres-hosted telecast, including some sure things: Tears, rambling speeches, a Charming Jennifer Lawrence. And now we’ve turned the fun into a bingo game!

Grab some friends, and print out the different game cards below to break out during the awards. For some additional silliness, check out our Oscar drinking game, also below.

21-and-older movie fans, the one below is for you. That dull spot two-thirds of the way through the ceremony is a lot more entertaining with a slight buzz. Go ahead and take a sip (or two!), just like Leonardo DiCaprio will when he loses Best Actor to Matthew McConaughey. Play responsibly! (Click to enlarge.)

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