Rick Rowell/ABC
Samantha Highfill
March 03, 2014 AT 12:00 PM EST

No he did not, Kelly. And that statement is why we have missed you around these parts. Well, that statement and your adorably random canine companion, Molly, who seems to be the best-behaved pup ever on television (though maybe not in the blooper reel).

Moving along, this year’s Women Tell All was a pretty decent mix of “sour grapes” — looking at you, Victoria — and the women who genuinely felt like they got to know Juan Pabs and therefore should defend him. Add in just a dash of lingering sexual tension between Sharleen and the man she left behind, and you can imagine what went down. And let’s not forget Kelly calling Juan Pablo out for his gay comments. Let’s just say, Sharleen put that fire out like it was her first kiss with Juan Pablo. So what did you think? Share your thoughts on the episode, and stay tuned later tonight for my full Bachelor: The Women Tell All recap, as well as Chris Harrison’s take on things.

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