Dan Snierson
March 05, 2014 AT 06:40 PM EST

New Yorkers, it’s time once again to receive some cold, hard cash. Or a hot-mess scolding.

Billy Eichner returns for a third season of his delightful and deranged Fuse game show Funny or Die’s Billy on the Street (March 12, 11 p.m.), in which he accosts passers-by on the street and pressures them to answer random questions about pop culture for such lofty prizes as a dollar bill. He’ll bring along some notable celebrity guests as his partners-in-quiz this season (including Lena Dunham and Paul Rudd), but for your first look at the premiere, Eichner wants you to check out his favorite part of the show, the lightning round. “As you’ll see this season,” he says, “it gets personal as I start to ask people what they think of my career, not just other celebrities.” And as you’ll see, if he’s been taking any anger management classes, they totally aren’t working at all.

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