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Capsule Movie Reviews (Mar. 5): 'Bethlehem' and three more

Bethlehem Review

Director Yuval Adler’s Israeli import is a slow-burn police procedural set in the West Bank, where a Jewish agent (Tsahi Halevy) forms a fatherly bond with the younger brother (Shadi Mar’i) of a Palestinian militant. Family ties and clan loyalty are put to the test as the confused teenager questions whom he can trust. The answer, sadly, is no one. BChris Nashawaty

The Face of Love
PG-13, 1 HR., 32 MINS.
If Hitchcock’s Vertigo were ever turned into a Lifetime movie, you’d end up with something like this far-fetched story of a widow (Annette Bening) who has an affair with a man who looks exactly like her late husband (Ed Harris). What could have been a haunting tale of loss and grief spirals into a hash of too-convenient coincidences. B-Chris Nashawaty

Grand Piano
R, 1 HR., 30 MINS.
Elijah Wood stars in a loopy, so-implausible-it’s-almost-fun classical-music thriller. He plays a pianist who returns to the concert stage after a five-year absence. As he performs, an assassin growls out sadistic instructions to him through an earpiece. It’s all staged by a director who seems to idolize Brian De Palma at his most luridly nonsensical. COwen Gleiberman

Interior. Leather Bar.
James Franco conceived and codirected this curio, which tries to re-create, or deconstruct, or something, 40 minutes of sexually intense footage supposedly cut out of Cruising, the 1980 thriller set in the world of gay S&M. But the film mostly consists of Franco and his actors sitting around talking about what they plan to do and how they feel about it. COwen Gleiberman