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Julian Casablancas releases new album teaser -- VIDEO

Julian Casablancas

(Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

Julian Casablancas’ new solo album won’t be a repeat of his 2009 solo debut Phrazes for the Young – which could be a good thing.

The Strokes’ frontman released a video preview of his upcoming album via Cult Records today, and it features a surprisingly minimal amount of Casablancas’ vocals, with more emphasis on his new backing band, the Voidz. What results is a psychedelic, chaotic sound that’s nothing like the relatively clean sounds of Phrazes for the Young songs like “Out of the Blue” and “11th Dimension.” But the chaos calms down a bit toward the end, showcasing a Strokes-style slow tune and some now-standard auto-tuned falsetto from Casablancas himself.

Check out the preview below: