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Ariana Bacle
March 06, 2014 AT 09:49 PM EST

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard want paparazzi to stop taking photos of celebrities’ children. And so far they’ve been successful in their crusade — People was one of the first publications to issue a statement that (mostly) vowed to stop printing pictures of celebrity kids. But unsurprisingly, the paparazzi themselves aren’t taking so kindly to this new movement.

Bell and Shepard appeared on Access Hollywood to talk about the issue with Steve Ginsburg, an owner of a paparazzi photo agency, and Christian Zimmerman, a celebrity reporter. And by “talk,” we mean “duel.”

In the clip, Bell describes being chased with camera-carrying men while she’s out holding her 11-month-old baby: “It’s terrifying to me.” She calls the photographers “foot soldiers” and Ginsburg says Bell is “hysterical” for calling them that. “They’re not soldiers,” Ginsburg says. Thanks for clearing that up, bud!

“Our child hasn’t chosen to be a public figure, so why should our child have to suffer because of a career path we’ve chosen?” Shepard says. Ginsburg replies by saying, “It is our constitutional right to take the picture!” Pulling the Constitution card — slick move. The conversation then turns into a mess of everyone talking over each other, and by the end, it’s clear that Ginsburg and Zimmerman aren’t ready to give up on photographing kids. When asked if they would ever stop, Zimmerman says, “To be frank about business, no.”

Watch the clip below:

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