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Kristen Bell is interested in returning for 'Frozen' stage version

Kristen Bell

(Allen Berezovsky/WireImage)

Is Kristen Bell Broadway bound?

The actress certainly hopes so. In an interview on EW Radio, she told host Mario Correa that she would like to be asked to participate in the upcoming stage version of Frozen, which would allow her to belt out tunes like “For the First Time in Forever” in front of a live audience.

“I certainly hope that they try!” Bell said about whether Disney would ask her to return. “Everybody in Frozen is a Broadway veteran so I certainly hope they try and wrangle us.”

Listen to the interview clip, where Bell also discusses her friend Adele Dazeem…er, Idina Menzel, below:

Originally posted March 13 2014 — 5:10 PM EDT

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