Marc Snetiker
March 14, 2014 AT 07:02 PM EDT

We’ve all been there — some super cool kid in the seventh grade is having the Bat Mitzvah to End All Bat Mitzvahs, and you didn’t get an invite. And since Bob’s Burgers’ breakout favorite Tina Belcher is the epitome of all things middle school, of course she’s singing the bat mitzvah blues in the newest installment of Fox’s hit animated show.

In the March 16 episode “Mazel Tina,” the eldest Belcher child is bummed that she didn’t get invited to Tammy’s bat mitzvah, but being the inventive, idea-riddled little gem that she is, she finds a way to score an invite by volunteering Bob and co. to cater the glamorous event.

Watch an exclusive clip below, and tune in to an all-new Bob’s Burgers (one of EW’s picks for the ten funniest shows on TV right now) on Sunday at 7 p.m. ET.

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