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Annie Barrett
March 17, 2014 AT 11:59 PM EDT

Oh, my! What is this strange planet we’re seeing on its heaving (and bosomy!) 18th giant breath? The Celebriquarium is BACK! The judges are on the LEFT again. Our old pals Brooke Burke and the Harold Wheeler Band are…. GONE?!!!

Well, we can at least cheer for the Celebriquarium. The sparklebots belong higher than everyone else, as they are so on a higher level.

Discuss the season 18 premiere, Erin Andrews as cohost, and the new look, sound, and….feel?! of Dancing With the Stars below, ahead of my full recap later tonight. And if you missed it earlier today, here’s my Unscientific Ranking of the Pairs — based purely on the poses in their promo photos!

Welcome back, DANCMSTRs!

‘DWTS’ season premiere recap: Dancing With the Star Wars

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