Renata Rakasha
EW Staff
March 18, 2014 AT 08:20 PM EDT

St. Vincent, a.k.a. Annie Clark, is currently one of the biggest stars in the indie-rock constellation, thanks to her excellent recent self-titled album (seriously, it’s that good; go get it if you haven’t yet).

But last week, she took time off of her current tour to share some of her favorite albums by female artists who didn’t quite reach the mainstream, or have been forgotten since their long-ago moments in the spotlight.

Below, her picks:


“It’s interesting because she made records in the 1990s using samples from other records, but she did it before it was easy to do. It was a really painstaking process, sampling records into a sampler and then playing them over in order to make something out of them—they’re really alien-pop and catchy and interesting. It was one of my favorite records growing up.”


“My fiend Cate Le Bon hitched me to her record a few years ago…it’s epically awesome. It’s got a confluence of Turkish folk music mixed with the British and American thing that was happening at the time.”

Cate Le Bon

“Cate is great! She’s got a few records out…but her record Cyrk, I listen to over and over again….I liked her record and asked her to go on tour with me supporting Strange Mercy and then we became great friends. She’s just phenomenal. Great guitar player, too.”

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