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'Scandal' behind the scenes: Josh Malina explores the art of voice-over -- VIDEO

Josh Malina Scandal

(Craig Sjodin/ABC)

PopWatchers, you better hope David Rosen doesn’t get ganked in tonight’s episode of Scandal. Because we’re pretty sure that would mean Josh Malina’s amazing behind-the-scenes video series, Josh Cam, would go on indefinite hiatus.

And we’re certain our lives would be much sadder without this inside peek into the show behind the show. Take this week’s edition for example – in it, Malina takes us into a recording booth where we meet the people behind Scandal’s so-called ADR (short for automated dialogue replacement). Basically, as Malina explains in the video, it’s voice acting that replaces the audio captured during filming on set. Take a look: 

Scandal airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

Originally posted March 20 2014 — 7:01 PM EDT

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