Amber Ray
March 23, 2014 AT 04:16 PM EDT

The Black Keys have had some pretty great collaborations over the years. But we certainly did not expect a partnership with Mike Tyson.

The blues-rock duo announced the title and release date of their new album — Turn Blue, out May 13 — via the boxing icon’s verified Twitter account on Friday:

The cryptic tweet directed fans to an even stranger YouTube video, featuring a hypnotic turntable and creepy meditation guru spouting uncomfortable demands once he, you know, takes control of your mind. In an unexpected twist, the video turns out to be a warped commercial for the “special new album Turn Blue by rock musicians The Black Keys, available by cellular phone, in stores or downloaded from Internet on May 13th.” Lucky for fans, band members Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney accept “Cash, Check, Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Pay Pal and Bit Coins.” Check out the full promo for the band’s eighth studio album here:

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