Stephan Lee
March 26, 2014 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Sleep Donation

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Karen Russell

We gave it an A-

In a not-so-distant future, the ubiquity of glowing screens and e-stimuli unleashes a killer insomnia epidemic upon America. Trish Edgewater is a passionate recruiter for Slumber Corps, an outfit that harvests shut-eye from unafflicted donors and transfuses it into the infected — but when she uncovers corruption, her belief in the program is shattered. In real life, Sleep Donation has the power to steal your slumber. The combination of Russell’s dazzling imagination and virtuosic prose adds up to pleasurable sensory overload. WHY E-ONLY It’s not surprising that the Pulitzer finalist who gave us the stirring, deeply weird novel Swamplandia! and two cracklingly original short-story collections would make the most of an unconventional format. An e-single that’s much longer than a typical short story but shorter than a full-fledged novel allows Russell to hone in on Sleep Donation’s premise while exploring all of its possibilities. A-

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