Erin Strecker
March 27, 2014 AT 03:20 PM EDT

Lindsay Lohan is just like you! (No, she’s not.)

But, like you, she’s apparently really upset about How I Met Your Mother ending. During an appearance on Billy Eichner’s show, Billy on the Street, Wednesday night, the duo dealt with their HIMYM feelings the way anyone would: By taking sledgehammers to a car decked out with decals of the How I Met Your Mother cast. “What am I supposed to do with my Monday nights now?” Eichner said at a normal volume screamed.

Lohan, a lady who likely needs a therapeutic sledgehammer session more than most, got really into the bit.  “I WORKED WITH LILY TOMLIN!” she yelled, over and over. (It’s true: Lohan co-starred in A Prairie Home Companion with Tomlin, as well as Meryl Streep. Never forget.)

A meaner person than I would make a joke about Lindsay Lohan staying away from cars — but instead I’ll just say Lohan is surprisingly up on her Monday night CBS comedies. (Guest-starring on 2 Broke Girls will do that, apparently).

Watch below:

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