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March 28, 2014 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Majesty Rose may have sung “Happy” on American Idol, but how is she feeling now that she’s been eliminated?

Rose is the latest finalist let go on Idol after a shaky performance of Florence and the Machine’s “Shake it Out” on Wednesday night. Rose was joined by Sam Woolf and C.J. Harris in the bottom three in a quick elimination. Though Jennifer Lopez said she thought one of the performers sounded better live than on TV, she wouldn’t reveal which of the bottom three she was referring to. Well, the judges once again didn’t use their save and EW talked to Majesty right after the elimination, as well as on camera in our offices Friday.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How are you feeling?

MAJESTY ROSE: Well, it’s a mixture of feelings right now. Obviously I’m sad. It’s like, whoa — my whole life has changed, again! But at the same time, I’m happy because I made it to [the top 9] and that’s pretty good for over 75,000 people, so I can’t be all that sad. There’s worse things going on in the world than this.

What did the judges say after to you?

They were really affirming me a lot. It was really nice. They were just telling me about how this isn’t the end and stuff and how I really am artistic and it doesn’t really matter.

Did you ask them why they weren’t unanimous in using the save?

I thought about that for a minute, but then I thought, wait — never mind.

What was going through your head while you were singing “Happy” as your “save me” song?

I just decided to be really happy. Like I just made a decision right when the music started like, whatever, if I’m leaving, I’m about to leave with a bang! And I planned it. I didn’t know if I was going home, but before the show I thought, “If I have to sing that song, what am I gonna do?” ‘Cause that is the moment that everyone is going to remember, so I just have to be crazy! I’m gonna work the steps and stuff. I think I did a good job. It’s definitely something I’m going to remember.

What’s your favorite memory from the show?

I mean, it’s everything. So many things I haven’t even gotten to think about. So many little things that have happened that I just have to go home and sort through it all. So many great things have happened here. Like one thing I haven’t taken in, I haven’t even cried about yet, like Carrie Underwood gave us all gifts. She gave us all necklaces with our initials on it and wrote a handwritten letter to each of us. She was like “Just keeping smiling, Majesty” and I was like “WHAT?” I haven’t even jumped around about that yet, ’cause after we got it we had to go somewhere else!

One of the comments that J.Lo made about the bottom three was that one of you sounded much better live than on TV. Do you watch yourself back after you perform each week to see any difference in your performance?

Sometimes I’ll watch and sometimes I don’t. It’ll depend, ’cause sometimes when I do watch I’m afraid it’ll mess me up, but then some days I’m like, “Well, maybe I should watch this to make it better.” But I think I am [the one] she was talking about. When I get hyped and the audience is there, they really do take me out of another level, like out of the world. Seriously my vocals can be crazy. That’s actually something I talked to Janelle Monae about — we’re friends, by the way, because I was like, “Janelle, how do you do that?” ’cause she sings live and dancing all over the place and she was giving me her tips.

What were her tips?

She said when you exercise, sing at the same time. And I was like, crap that’s hard. ‘Cause we go to SoulCycle, and I was talking to [Jessica Meuse], and I was like, “Am I suppose to sing in SoulCycle now?”

Tell us about what happened right after the show went off TV. You ran away.

I ran away! I ran away from everybody! It was a strange atmosphere, ’cause after the show like cut off or whatever, I ran away and everyone was standing there and I was about to go out the door and everyone was like, “Majesty — come back!” and I was like, “Why? Bye everybody!” But Harry was like, “Majesty, I have something to tell you,” and I was like, “OK, I’ll come back for you, Harry.”

Are you excited about the summer tour?

Yeah, I think I’m in a good spot, ’cause I get to go home and rest for a little, see my people, and then go on tour! And then I’ll be even more famous!

Where do you see your career going from here?

I see myself doing everything. Like, being diverse, or divergent as I like to call it, was tricky being on American Idol, but I think outside it could work in my favor a lot, ’cause I can sing and I can act and I think I can do everything really! I can see myself on Broadway or on a kid’s show.

What have you learned about yourself through this process?

Before I came here, I didn’t know who I was as an artist, like at home I didn’t just sit around and try to promote myself. Back home, I was seriously singing at nursing homes and my preschool, and so I wasn’t trying to be cool and write a song and be famous, that wasn’t me. So that’s something I would say to somebody who is thinking about auditioning for American Idol. Figure out who you are as an artist before you go, ’cause that will really help you.

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