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Amber Ray
March 28, 2014 AT 04:44 PM EDT

Ellen DeGeneres usually keeps things light on her daytime talk show. But when Lindsay Lohan stops by on Monday, don’t expect many laughs.

In two clips previewing her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the conversation is much more serious than the typically playful chats on the daytime talker. That’s because Lohan’s latest project is the OWN docu-series Lindsay, which chronicles her post-rehab life in New York.

Lohan looks healthy, yet somewhat uncomfortable when the topics veer from the things that appear to be keeping her happy and sober: work and family. The exchange even turns somewhat confrontational at one point, when DeGeneres, quoting the actress, ask if she feels she’s not angry anymore. Watch it below:

In the next clip, Lohan says she agreed to do the OWN series because she wanted to do “anything that felt like work mode, just to have a schedule and be on a routine,” even though she admits that the process of filming the show became “overwhelming and strange.” DeGeneres asks if the cameras put more pressure on her to stay sober this time, “because you’ve been in rehab a bunch. Right? Like six times. Is that right?”

Lohan disagrees, saying: “No, I think that this was the first time that I was able to, you know, when I went to treatment this time, when I went to Cliffside, I really wanted a moment for myself and I learned a lot of different tools and things that I didn’t in the past.” Lohan again credits her desire to work for being a motivator for getting her life in order:

As for her relationship with Oprah, which is documented on Lindsay, Lohan says she speaks to her new-found mentor almost every day. “She’s just been a really strong guiding light and force to me as a friend and someone that I admire,” she adds.

The full interview with Lohan airs Monday, March 31 on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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