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Kids' Choice Awards: Best of the 2014 slimings (including a David Blaine decapitation stunt?) -- VIDEO


Yes, slimings are still the reason to tune in to Nickelodeon’s annual Kids’ Choice Awards. Here’s a look at the wide range we saw this year, from the surprising (you read that headline right) to the inevitable (host Mark Wahlberg insisted throughout the night that he was unslimeable).

The David Blaine stunt. Cool? Definitely. Nightmare-inducing for this show’s target audience? Maybe.

Presenters LL Cool J and Lea Michele were the first to experience the slime-covered envelopes. It did not go well.

The longest slime of the night. If you didn’t know it was time for the host to finally get it, Wahlberg’s wife taking out her phone to film it told you.

The kids got to vote on a new slime spectacle: They chose slime rodeo.

The kids also got to vote on whether Austin Mahone, Cody Simpson, or both got slimed. Kids aren’t stupid.

Michael Strahan almost fell afterward.

Jim Parsons explained the science behind the slime. And after sliming the kids in the mosh pit, he had many in the general audience convinced they were about to get it, too, as people rushed to hand out ponchos. Mass hysteria!

Good thing Pharrell Williams had his SpongeBob SquarePants onesie there. (He wore the hat and real clothes, otherwise).

Bonus notes: Chris Rock is a bad influence on America’s (moviegoing) youth.

They might want to rehearse this awards show.

No, really.

Sorry, Adam Sandler, they blew the budget on slime.

Am I just old, or is that dress on the right a little inappropriate for the Kids’ Choice Awards? Bj79fc-IgAAYi3x