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'Saturday Night Live' cut sketch: Louis C.K.'s alien has a shirtless hunk obsession -- VIDEO



Space villains can be a misunderstood bunch. Behind their evil quest for galactic power, they’re often just ostracized oddballs with eccentric tastes who just want a little bit of validation.

Take Zartag, Louis C.K.’s Klingon-like baddie in a sketch cut from Saturday Night Live’s most recent episode. He threatens the Enterprise-like crew unless they hand over their lithium cores. But really, he just wants to take about his provocative “Earth Guy Art” – pictures of shirtless hunky guys on the beach, sitting on a rock, or ironing a shirt.

The sketch didn’t make the final show, but I like how committed it is. Watch it below:,p0,d1

Originally posted March 31 2014 — 10:15 AM EDT

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