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Samantha Highfill
April 02, 2014 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched that April 2 episode of Arrow, stop reading now!

So Slade’s plan is officially underway, and the first three steps seem to be as follows: 1) Tell Thea that Malcolm Merlyn is her biological father. 2) Hijack a bus full of prisoners in order to expand his army. And 3) Tell Laurel that Oliver is the mother freakin’ Arrow. Yep, that just happened. Let’s get into it!

We started right where we left off last week, in the car with Slade and Thea. Things seemed fine at first, as they discussed heartbreak and how it’s something Slade knows “all too well.” But Slade was quick not to bury the punch line: “You’re not going home, Thea.” And cut to her running away,  straight into the arms of Skull Mask/Sebastian Blood.

At headquarters, Roy was really sucking at archery when Felicity informed Oliver that he couldn’t avoid being a CEO forever. Ollie had to attend a board meeting, which quickly evolved into him attending his mother’s mayoral debate, where things really got going. When the first “video question” of the debate came from a kidnapped Thea Queen, Oliver put two and two together. He needed to find Slade. Step one of that plan meant he couldn’t be bothered with stupid work stuff. Therefore, Oliver appointed Isabel Rochev temporary CEO of Queen Consolidated so that he could find his baby sister. Yes, it was dumb. And step two involved a League of Assassins poison that Sara had concocted. That? Not so dumb. Team Arrow shot Slade with it in order to get him arrested.

The bad news for Oliver was that Slade Wilson had apparently  been “in Costa Rica” for the past 72 hours, so he couldn’t have taken Thea. At least, that’s what the super gullible Starling City PD decided. And thanks to the fact that Quentin had been the one who brought Slade in — and on a cue from the vigilante, no less — Quentin ended up being arrested for some sort of conspiracy charge. In defense of Quentin, he really doesn’t know the vigilante’s identity. Can’t somebody cut the poor guy a break?

In the interrogation room, Slade was let free just before he looked like he might tell Ollie Thea’s whereabouts. But the good news was that Slade let Thea go anyway. Well, he almost did. Just as she was about to leave, he asked her if she wanted to know her brother’s secret. It was as if these two were back in grade school, gossiping about secrets and using information to barter for a better lunch. That being said, nobody’s ever to old for a good secret, especially not a Queen.

So while Thea learned about her the paternity of her biological father, Oliver found a little room in his heart for his mother. After Moira gave a great speech about worrying what the world might do to your children without thinking about what you might do to them, Ollie comforted his distraught mom by holding her hand. It was a big moment for Ollie’s family. However, his other family was crumbling. When Roy decided everything was Ollie’s fault, he assaulted Diggle before Sara aimed an arrow at him. By the time Ollie arrived, Roy had decided to leave.

But Ollie wasn’t far behind him when he discovered that Isabel had called a secret board meeting. As temporary CEO, she’d called the meeting and gotten the board to elect her as the new full-time CEO. And yes, she has been working with Slade this whole time, and yes, she does have a few kick-ass moves up her sleeve. She told Ollie where Thea was and told him to go to Slade alone. He did just that, but all he found was a handful of Slade’s minions that he took down without batting an ab muscle. Sadly, it was all a distraction so that Slade could stop a prison bus and add more members to his army. The only upside was that Thea was safe. But to put a damper on even that situation, she was pissed at Ollie for not telling her about Malcolm. I will say this: To be fair, she claimed that Ollie had known for years, which was just not true.

Question: Why did Thea leave the precinct alone late at night and start to walk home? Girl, you were JUST kidnapped doing that exact same like three hours earlier. Did you learn nothing?! Also, why did Roy drive out of Starling City? Where is he headed?!

After a successful day of evildoings, Isabel, Blood, and Slade had a meeting. Blood was mad that he was behind in the mayoral polls, but Isabel had a smile on her face. She had made sure that the entire Applied Sciences division of Queen Consolidated would be dedicated to replicating samples based on Slade’s blood. And with that lovely news, Slade went to execute the next step of his plan: In order to provide Ollie with another “distraction,” he told Laurel that Oliver Queen is the Arrow.

In the meantime, Oliver was telling his team that, despite the fact that Roy was right about Ollie’s bad decisions, and that he’s his own worst enemy, it was time to fight back against Slade. So game on, people!

Finally, on the island this week, we saw Sara make the exchange with Slade in order to get Oliver back. But when Sara attempted to blow Slade up during said exchange for, we learned a fun fact about Mirakuru! Apparently, it not only makes you super strong and sexy, but it also heightens senses. So basically, Slade found the bomb before Sara could succeed. And in that moment, with a little help from a Shado hallucination, Slade decided death was too easy for Sara and Ollie. The island would be their punishment, their prison, and when Slade got off the island? He’d pay Ollie’s family a visit.

And we all know how that turned out, at least so far.

So what did you all think of the episode? Where is Roy headed, and what is Slade’s next move? Is Laurel going to get super annoying again now that she knows about Ollie? And more importantly, can we all start calling Ollie “King Queen”?! Sound off in the comments!


“I told a guy the truth, and he got struck by lightning. To be fair, it probably won’t happen again.” -Felicity to Roy about telling Thea the truth

“And how is Ms. Rochev these days? Still angry that Dorothy dropped a house on her sister?” -Moira

“You’re very scary. Thank you.” -Oliver to Isabel when she told off reporters surrounding his family

“I’m not one to hold a grudge.” -Slade

“Please, go on. Finish that sentence. I’m curious to know what kind of threat a 19-year-old girl could make.” -Slade to Thea

Oliver: They’re calling you Deathstroke.

Slade: It’s a bit flamboyant. I like it.

Laurel: Go to hell.

Slade: All in good time, I’m sure.

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