Andrea Towers
April 02, 2014 AT 05:50 PM EDT

EW gave you your first look at Scarlett Johansson in Lucy. Now, you can see the just released trailer for Luc Besson’s action thriller, which stars Johansson as a young woman who gains superpowers after a drug smuggling attempt gone wrong. And when we say superpowered, we’re not just talking increased strength and speed.

“It’s like all things that make me human are fading away,” Lucy says as she unleashes her new abilities, which, according to the trailer, extends to everything from stopping/reversing time and shape shifting to increased knowledge. Suffice to say, the girl who was once exploited becomes very, very dangerous — and it looks awesome.

The film, also starring Morgan Freeman, is due out Aug. 8. Check out the explosive trailer below.

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