Danny Feld/ABC
Sandra Gonzalez
April 03, 2014 AT 08:04 PM EDT

The perils of polyester are something Nathan Fillion knows well. After spending a week donning synthetic clothing for Castle‘s upcoming 70s-themed episode, he says, “Boy oh boy, give me cotton any day.”

“Polyester — not the most forgiving of fabrics,” adds Fillion, seen in these exclusive photos. “It’s hot; it doesn’t really breathe because you’re wearing plastic, essentially.”

Uncomfortable as it may have been, wearing the outfit was worth it to produce this fun hour of murder-solving TV, which finds the team channeling the past to solve a murder. “To see everybody dressed up is kind of fun. Everybody’s dolled up, everybody’s different,” Fillion explains. “In [season 4’s] ‘The Blue Butterfly,’ there was the ’30s-style clothing, but there’s something a heck of a lot more groovy about the 70s.”

Castle‘s blast from the past, titled “That ’70s Show,” airs April 21 on ABC.

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