Ariana Bacle
April 03, 2014 AT 06:00 PM EDT

Kids deserve to binge on TV House of Cards-style too, right? But because Cards and Orange is the New Black aren’t exactly G-rated, Netflix launched a Dreamworks-produced animated series called Turbo Fast about a team of action-oriented snails just for kids.

The series, based on the Dreamworks movie Turbo, launched on Netflix with five episodes December 24 and is coming back with five more April 4 at 12:01 a.m. — way past your bedtime, kids.

In a clip from upcoming episode “Ready Set Glow,” main characters Turbo (Reid Scott) and Skidmark (Amir Talai) join an underground ziplining competition to do some detective work and watch as an enthusiastic glowworm named Lumino tries to intimidate them with ziplining skills and weird dance moves.

See how scared (or not scared) the snails are of Lumino in the clip below:


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