Amy Wilkinson
April 04, 2014 AT 04:00 AM EDT

The Show: Hannibal (NBC)
Dream Role: The one who figures Hannibal out…and pays the price
“I’m good at playing these out-of-their-element slobs. I’d love to be in a universe like Hannibal that is so rarefied and elegant. I’d like to see someone who is testing Hannibal [Mads Mikkelsen] — either a greengrocer or haberdasher. Someone who might suspect what Hannibal is. How would he kill a person who is in his life, who everyone knows he has a connection with?”

The Show: Orange Is the New Black (Netflix)
Dream Role: The one who led Yoga Jones astray
“They’ve shown everyone’s past lives except Yoga Jones [Constance Shulman]. She tells that story, but we don’t see it. I would like to go further into her background because her character is so heartbreaking. She was growing marijuana, and maybe she was doing it because she wanted to impress others — there was this really groovy pot-grower guy…”

The Show: Veep (HBO)
Dream Role: The one who ruffles Jonah’s feathers
“I think even beyond Parks and Rec and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which are great shows, Veep has the most solid cast I’ve seen on a show in a long time. I want to play the guy that Jonah [Timothy C. Simons] thinks is an a–hole. I’m either an intern or a PA who’s clearly building a box around Jonah to get him replaced and move in. I want to see Jonah actually fighting for his turf.”

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