Erin Strecker
April 06, 2014 AT 05:11 AM EDT

On the Anna Kendrick-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live last night, the program once again ran a spoof Fox News Fox & Friends segment.

As has become the standard, the end of the sketch featured a list of corrections from earlier in the broadcast. Check them all out below.

-Ukraine was not Frasier’s brother on the show Frasier.

Game of Thrones is not an adult version of musical chairs.

-There is no such restaurant as “Ruth’s Chris Christie’s.”

-Jackson Browne is only one person.

-Malaysia is not the female version of Asia.

-Neal deGrasse Tyson does not own a sandwich shop named “Quizmos.”

-You can not abbreviate the Supreme Court to spell SCROTUM.

-Michelle Obama has never done porn.

-Hong Kong is a region in China. Not a video game from Nintendo.

-“Vaping” is not having sex with a vacuum cleaner.

-Michael Strahan isn’t leaving Live! to go be in Good Morning Vietnam.

-Crimea is not related to Queen Latifah.

-Pop-Tarts do not cause “splosions.”

-Boeing is a company. Not a sound effect.

-Pharrell is not a “stylish hand sanitizer.”

-Chicklets do not grow up to be roosters.

-Chris Christie was never in the show Three’s Company.

-Infinity pools have a limited amount of water.

-Garfunkle is not Garfield’s black cousin.

-The Chile Earthquake is not a bold new product from Dairy Queen.

-Don Cheadle does not appear if you say “Cheadlejuice” three times.

-Joe Biden’s office is only sometimes a’-rockin’.

-Lifesavers aren’t medicine.

-Captain Phillips is not a brand of rum.

-Marvin Gaye liked women.

-Nancy Pelosi is a human woman.

-God loves figs.

-Noah is not “found footage.”

-Captain America was never a U.S. president.

-The periodic table is not about “lady stuff.”

A full recap of last night’s Saturday Night Live will be on PopWatch Sunday morning.

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