Ray Rahman
April 07, 2014 AT 03:44 PM EDT

This Sunday, Conan O’Brien will host the 2014 MTV Movie Awards — but unlike his regular hosting gig on TBS, he’ll be on stage without his longtime sidekick Andy Richter.

“Andy’s not reliable,” O’Brien explains to EW. “I’d love to bring Andy — in fact, I’ve tried to bring Andy to many things. But he’s like the country singer George Jones late in his career: Maybe he’ll show, maybe he won’t.”

“Andy pretty much lives in an RV,” O’Brien adds. “It’s very hard; he doesn’t have any representation. You can tell. Whenever I talk to Andy’s ‘manager’ on the phone, I can tell it’s Andy from a payphone, doing a slightly different voice. And then I can always hear someone banging on the door.”

So who will ol’ Coco bring to the awards ceremony? None other than Ice Cube: The two have teamed up before (along with Kevin Hart) for a ride-along on Conan, and now they’ve reunited to shoot a promo for the big MTV event. Check back on Popwatch later in the day for our exclusive video and behind-the-scenes report of O’Brien and Cube’s shoot together.

[Update: It’s here!]

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