Jake Perlman
April 09, 2014 AT 07:42 PM EDT

Unfortunately in America, it seems there’s always room for more divorce.

Divorce Court, currently celebrating its 15th anniversary season on Fox, has been renewed through the 2016-17 season. Presided over by Judge Lynn Toler, the program is the longest-running court show on television, with ratings continuing to climb to a seven-year high of nearly 3 million viewers per episode during this sweeps month. “In the current landscape where many shows have declining ratings, we are thrilled to have a long-running program on an opposite trajectory,” said Stephen Brown, EVP of Development and Programming at Fox Television studios. “Renewing the series was an easy decision to make.”

Divorce Court originally began back in the late 1950s, using actors re-enacting real divorce proceedings on television. Currently in its third edition after airing from 1957-1969 and again from 1985-1992, the television classic now features real people and real cases and, of course, real conflict and drama.

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