Nicole Sperling
April 11, 2014 AT 04:00 AM EDT

For moviegoers over 40, Jon Favreau is still the heartbroken schlub from Swingers, his 1996 writing debut, in which he mortified himself on an answering machine in a misguided attempt to get a girl. After directing studio tentpoles like the first two Iron Man films, he returns to his indie roots with a dramedy about a once-lauded chef who starts a food truck, aided by his ex (Sofia Vergara) and young son (Emjay Anthony). “I’m trying to speak to my audience in the same way that I spoke to them 20 years ago when we were the young whippersnappers,” says Favreau, who wrote, produced, directed, and stars in the film. “Now we’ve got careers. It’s no longer about finding someone, it’s about keeping a relationship going.”

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