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Chupacabra saves Guillermo in Kimmel's last 'Scandal' spoof -- VIDEO



Thought Scandal couldn’t get any crazier? Well, Jimmy Kimmel aired the final segment of his telenovela Scandal spoof on Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! – complete with a chupacabra appearance.

In this dramatic finale, Kimmel interrupts a conversation between Kerry Washington and Guillermo Rodriguez to point a gun at Rodriguez’s head – only for a chupacabra to run up behind the unsuspecting Kimmel and attack him. Afterwards, Washington and Rodriguez reflect on how weird the whole chupacabra thing was. As it turns out, it wasn’t actually a chupacabra – because apparently, even Escandalo has its limits.

Watch the entire clip to find out who was posing as the mythical creature – and to watch Washington’s spot-on telenovela acting: