Feedback: April 18/25, 2014 |


Feedback: April 18/25, 2014

Your opinions about the cancellation of ''Raising Hope,'' ideas about Andrew Garfield in ''Amazing Spider-Man 2,'' and more

Horn of Plenty
James Hibberd’s cover story on Game of Thrones, Clark Collis’ article on Archer, Lynette Rice’s coverage of Jimmy Fallon and late-night TV, Stephan Lee’s roundup of e-book-only short stories and novellas, and Dalton Ross’ essay on the (over)abundance of great TV squeezing good TV off our DVRs: The GoT issue of EW (#1304) is just bursting with awesome.
David Spiller
Colonia, N.J.

Missed Chances
It wasn’t just Dalton Ross who contributed to Raising Hope’s demise (The Glutton). I’m also guilty. And I’m even worse, as I didn’t DVR episodes, I just thought, “Well, I’ll catch them on demand”…but then I never did. Let’s hope that creator Greg Garcia’s next series really sticks with viewers — and is never on Sundays at 9 p.m.
Diane Blumenthal
Silver Spring, Md.

While I never watch “live” TV anymore, Raising Hope rarely stayed in my DVR queue for very long. I anxiously awaited every episode to see what crazy stunts the Chance family would pull. I’m disappointed that this perfect sitcom was let go when so many bland others remain.
Eric Klee
Charlotte, N.C.

Spidey Nonsense
Andrew Garfield’s perception of his Amazing Spider-Man 2 character, Peter Parker, as “a scruffy dog… riddled by self-doubt” seems more interpretive than accurate (#1305). I’ve read every Amazing Spider-Man comic. Despite his bookishness and exclusion from the “in” crowd at school, Peter was always presentable, confident, and even smart-alecky. Gwen Stacy, before she became Peter’s girlfriend, reflects in issue #38: “No matter what the others say, there’s something so strong — so proud about Peter Parker!” I think previous Spider-Man Tobey Maguire got that exactly right.
Mike Zaloudek
Los Angeles

Gutless Decisions
Mark Harris’ piece on gore substituting for actual horror was right on (The Final Cut). It made me think of the ear scene in Reservoir Dogs. It wasn’t until my second viewing that I realized Tarantino actually panned to the wall and didn’t show the gore. I was certain I’d seen the ear cut off. A case where less was more indeed.
Sandi Osterwise
Fairport, N.Y.

Correction: The title of Cloud Nothings’ new album is Here and Nowhere Else (The Must List, #1305).