Erin Strecker
April 23, 2014 AT 05:15 PM EDT

Throw a teenage girl into a dystopian adventure and Hollywood will come calling — in this case, even before the book is officially published.

Hollywood already has adaptations of Daughter Of Smoke And Bone and The Fifth Wave in the works, and today Sony confirmed they have hired a screenwriter, Callie Kloves, for Seeker, an upcoming sci-fi/adventure tale based on a book by Arwen Elys Dayton that hasn’t even been published yet. (It’s expected to be released in 2015.)

A rep for Sony confirmed to EW that Seeker follows a young girl named Quin Kincaid who has “been put through years of brutal training for what she thinks is the noble purpose of becoming a revered ‘Seeker.’ Only when it’s too late does she discover she will be using her newfound knowledge and training to become an assassin.” The story will reportedly take readers all over the world — not sticking to one specific area such as the 12 Districts of the Hunger Games or the Chicago of Divergent.

An interesting coincidence for Seeker (beyond the Quidditch terminology): Callie Kloves is the daughter of Harry Potter screenwriter Steve Kloves. The Hollywood Reporter, which first reported the Seeker news, states that the book is the first in an expected trilogy, so expect three (or four!) movies if things go well.

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