Darren Franich
April 24, 2014 AT 08:50 PM EDT

An unusual new contender has entered India’s general election from South Mumbai. The contender is none other than Spider-Man, the wall-crawling protector of the innocent beloved for his 50-plus years of thrilling comic book antics and also for like maybe half of his movies. Or anyhow, it’s a guy dressed as Spider-Man: As reported by CNN, independent candidate Gaurav Sharma has donned Spidey’s outfit to climb up walls and campaign window-to-window. “People are definitely taking me seriously,” he says, which admittedly sounds unlikely, but maybe outside of America people do take politicians seriously?

Anyhow, if elected, Sharma plans to use his new position to help people, which makes him a fine superhero and probably not a very good politician, since the whole “help people” issue isn’t much of a vote-getter. Watch the report:

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