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Ariana Bacle
April 24, 2014 AT 01:46 PM EDT

Stephen Colbert stopped by Jon Stewart’s show Wednesday to tell the Daily Show host what we already knew: He’s leaving The Colbert Report.

Why? Because “it’s become clear to me that I’ve won television,” Colbert told Stewart before blowing kisses to a cheering audience.

Colbert the person will be replacing David Letterman as host of Late Night when the longtime host retires in 2015. Colbert the character, however, thinks Letterman’s replacement is just “some fat guy.” When Stewart reasons that the new host is “pear-shaped,” Colbert counters, “Don’t be kind to him, Jon, I’ve seen the photos.” Colbert trash-talking Colbert — the best kind of trash-talking.

Watch the appearance — plus a highlight reel from Colbert’s days as a Daily Show correspondent — below:

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