James Hibberd
April 25, 2014 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Does Orphan Black‘s newest cast member, Michiel Huisman, have real-life clones? There he is on ABC’s Nashville, eyeing Connie Britton. If you flip over to HBO, you’ll catch him on Game of Thrones, seducing Emilia Clarke. And in the new season of BBC America’s Orphan Black, he’s romancing Tatiana Maslany. “It’s all coming out in the same period, but it wasn’t shooting at the same time,” explains the Dutchman, who wants to cut off his signature beard but says his job momentum hasn’t given him a break to change his look. For his Thrones role, Huisman replaced Ed Skrein as swaggering warrior Daario Naharis. On Black, Huisman plays Sarah’s old flame Cal (you’ll meet him in episode 3), who can’t resist her dangerous charm. “Cal would do a lot to keep her close, but that’s going to be tough — she’s got a lot going on!” He won’t be dominating the dial entirely, though: His Nashville music-producer character Liam was sent off by Britton’s country star Rayna Jaymes this season. “I don’t think Liam is coming back from his Asia trip anytime soon,” he says with a laugh. So which of his current leading ladies is his favorite? Given that one has dragons and the other kicks ass, Huisman has a wise answer: “I don’t think I would want to compare them.”

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