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'Supernatural' spin-off: What did you think of 'Bloodlines'? -- POLL

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The anticipation leading up to Supernatural: Bloodlines was undeniable. With the mothership show heading into its tenth season next year, the idea that a new era could be on the horizon was an exciting prospect for fans of the fleshed-out world of Supernatural.

So how’d this backdoor pilot fare? If I’m being honest, the episode was very much not a normal episode of the show we watch every week together. (SPNBFFs4EVER…or something less awkward.) So instead of your regular, more in-depth recap, which will return next week, here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know:

The New Class was helmed by a scorned young man named Ennis (Lucien Laviscount), who at the start of the hour saw his fiancé of 15 seconds die after a run-in with a supernatural beast. This traumatic event led to Ennis delving deeper in the world of monsters and soon found himself in the middle of a monster mob war – despite Dean and Sam’s best efforts to keep him out of it all. There was also romance (between a werelady and a shapeshifter), djinn, and lots of daddy issues.

In all, it was a taste of what the Bloodlines could be, if picked up by the network in May. Am I going back for seconds? Maybe. But I’m more interested in what you think:

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Also, as a treat (because I really missed Sam and Dean, who probably appeared in less than a quarter of the episode), Five Screencaps From ‘Bloodlines’ That Remind Me Why I’ve Stuck With Sam and Dean For Ten Years :

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(Still hot while holding guts.)

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(This face.)

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(This pout.)

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(This face of concern.)

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(These expressive arms.)

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Five o’clock shadow in the shadows