Clark Collis
May 01, 2014 AT 06:07 PM EDT

“Nobody shoots a car the way Aussies do.” So says Quentin Tarantino in the must-see 2008 Ozploitation documentary Not Quite Hollywood. And QT’s words are reconfirmed by director Greg McLean’s new film Wolf Creek 2 — the sequel to his 2005 tale of terrible-things-happening-in-the-Australian-outback — which owes as much to the likes of The Road Warrior (and Steven Spielberg’s classic auto-thriller Duel) as it does the torture porn genre.

Not that there is a shortage of stomach-churning, dungeon-y mayhem in Wolf Creek 2, which is currently available to view on VOD, hits cinemas on May 16, and once again stars John Jarratt as the chuckling psych-Oz-path Mick Taylor.

You can get a taste of what I’m talking about by checking out the exclusive clip below.


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