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Mandi Bierly
May 06, 2014 AT 04:37 PM EDT

The broadcast Upfronts are coming next week, that time of year when TV fans find out, for certain, which broadcast shows are canceled. A good time to reflect on your own viewing habits.

My confession: I’ll be sad when Rebel Wilson’s Super Fun Night is inevitably no more and the ABC press site removes the pity “None available. Check back soon” message from where photos, videos, and press releases promoting upcoming episodes should be. Not devastated, but mildly disappointed.

Like most people, I wasn’t a fan of the pilot. But due to a DVR glitch that rendered me incapable of playing back recorded shows, I was forced to do a deep dive of my On Demand menu one weekend and decided to give it another chance. Eventually, it figured out what I think Parks and Recreation and The Mindy Project did: When an audience has such affection for a leading lady (Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, or Wilson), you can’t keep having her falling into a pit, riding her bicycle into a swimming pool, or getting her skirt caught in an elevator. Her life can be a work in progress, but she and the people she’s surrounded by need to recognize her worth. Super Fun Night got better, and I got invested in the love triangle between Kimmie (Wilson), her will-they-won’t-they colleague Richard (Kevin Bishop), and their more polished co-worker Kendall (Kate Jenkinson); in Kimmie’s later decision between her deserving boyfriend (Nate Torrence) and Richard; in Kimmie’s rocky friendships with Kendall and her roommates Marika (Lauren Ash) and Helen-Alice (Liza Lapira). I ended up seeing every episode. How did that happen?

Your turn. What show have you unintentionally seen every episode of? It doesn’t have to be current — or currently in jeopardy. I marathoned the entirety of already-renewed Chicago Fire‘s second season last weekend. (But I know how that happened. Why has Taylor Kinney’s Severide only been shirtless, like, twice this season?)

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