James Hibberd
May 07, 2014 AT 12:00 PM EDT

When you cover TV and meet new people, they almost always ask: What show should I check out that I’m not already watching? Lately, my answer is FX’s Fargo, which debuted to merely fair ratings nearly a month ago. Subsequent airings have dipped in the overnights.

But today, FX received some positive news — the thriller’s DVR and rerun data have boosted its premiere episode to 8.2 million viewers, up 84 percent from its debut. Among adults 18-49, the gain is stronger, up 94 percent to 3.6 million in the demo. It’s a bit like the early years of the likewise darkly comic Breaking Bad, when there was a core group of passionate advocates and a sea of people uncertain if the show was right for them. If it wasn’t for the pop-culture detonation of HBO’s vaguely similar and likewise excellent True Detective, with its star-duo of McConaughey and Harrelson vs. Fargo‘s Thornton and Martin, I suspect the latter would be getting more attention. What do you think?

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