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Bryan Cranston plays some sort of science genius (again) in this reboot of Godzilla.

AHHHHHH It's yet another remake of Godzilla.

AHHHHHH It's yet another remake of Godzilla. (Kimberley French)

When Gareth Edwards got the offer to direct a big-budget Godzilla reboot, the first thing out of his mouth wasn’t exactly a triumphant roar. ”I think I said, ‘F— me.’ And then it was quiet,” recalls Edwards, whose only prior credit was the critically acclaimed 2010 minibudget indie Monsters. ”Then, to be honest, I was really nervous. If somebody’s going to do a new Godzilla, they’ve got to do it right.”

It’s been done wrong plenty of times, most recently in 1998’s Roland Emmerich-directed Godzilla and the campy nonevent Godzilla 2000. But Edwards is betting he can avoid havoc (while still wreaking lots of it on screen) by making a film with a dead-serious tone and top-shelf CG — as well as a high-caliber cast. Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston stars as a nuclear physicist who investigates suspicious events at a Japanese nuclear facility, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass) plays his son, a soldier called to duty when the beast starts trashing cities. According to Taylor-Johnson, the mere presence of Cranston caused the entire cast and crew to step up their game. ”You know when he’s on set, because there’s a vibe,” says Taylor-Johnson. ”Everybody’s getting a bit high off Cranston, you know?” Walter White would be so proud.