Feedback: May 16, 2014 |


Feedback: May 16, 2014

Your nostalgia over ''Road House,'' additions to our ''Eat the Beat: Music's Tastiest Songs'' list, and more

Pain and Gain
Dalton Ross’ tribute to Road House in The Glutton brought back a lot of memories! Twenty-five years ago, I was an apprentice film editor for a trailer house and this was one of the first films I ever worked on. Because we saw the movie four months before its release and I had to transfer sound clips all day, I would drive my then boyfriend crazy quoting lines from the movie. And as a joke with my husband, I’ll occasionally spout Road House dialogue for no particular reason.
Batsheva Frankel
Los Angeles

Road House is my guilty pleasure. Thanks to Mostly Shirtless Ass-Kicking Patrick Swayze and Absurdly Sexy Doctor Kelly Lynch, this is a movie my husband and I can share. Two years after the film’s release, I started teaching English in public school. My rules of teaching, which I pass along to new teachers, are simple: “One, never underestimate your students. Expect the unexpected. Two, take it outside. Never start anything inside your classroom unless it’s absolutely necessary. And three, be nice.” When I find an opportunity to effectively work “A polar bear fell on me” into my regular repertoire, I’ll possibly become teacher of the year!
Amy Weissenburger
Laurel, Md.

Discomfort Food
In “Eat the Beat: Music’s Tastiest Songs,” you left out Black Sabbath’s instrumental chestnut “Rat Salad,” from the 1970 album Paranoid. It was a mere oversight, I’m sure.
Lance Abbring
Bradenton, Fla.

Leah Greenblatt’s musical menu was thought-provoking, but let me add a few more items: After I ate “Rotten Peaches” (Elton John), my “Sweet Cherry Wine” (Tommy James and the Shondells) chaser made me feel as though I were “In the Land of Milk and Honey” (the Vogues).
Lee Lamberts
Jenison, Mich.

I love the crappy costume from “The Worst Spidey Movie Ever Made,” 1977’s The Amazing Spider-Man! It actually looks like something you’d make in your room with 40 dollars’ worth of cloth and a night or two to work on it. The modern movie costumes look amazing, but Peter isn’t whipping those up while Aunt May fixes dinner downstairs.
Christian Dietrich