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May 11, 2014 AT 01:00 PM EDT

Don’t get too cozy, Oncers: Good may have seemingly trumped evil during last week’s Once Upon a Time, but it looks like there are still a couple of twists and turns in store for our resident Storybrooke gang before the season is up. EW caught up with showrunners Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis prior to Sunday’s two-hour season 3 finale to get the scoop on a few unanswered questions. Read on to find out what they had to say about Snow and Charming’s baby, Zelena’s fate, and more.

Have we seen the last of Zelena?

We may have seen Rumple take Zelena down in an effort to avenge Neal’s death, but is the Wicked Witch gone for good this time? Kitsis says that despite Emma and Hook getting sucked into Zelena’s time portal in the finale, fans shouldn’t expect to see the Wicked Witch pop up during Sunday’s back-to-back episodes. “She’s been defeated, but I can’t say if we’ll ever see her again or not,” Kitsis said cryptically.

Has Rumple returned to the dark side?

Despite being reunited with his dagger and exacting revenge on Zelena for Neal’s death, Kitsis says coming into the season finale is more about Rumple “returning to who he is” rather than fully embracing his evil side. “He’s a difficult man to love, and he lives by his own code,” Kitsis said. “Remember, he’s come back from the dead, and he’s also spent a lot of time locked up behind bars, so I think, going forward, fans should be thinking about what’s going on inside his head because of those things.”

On Snow and Charming’s new baby:

Fans of the show are all too familiar with the knowledge that Emma’s Savior status stems from the fact that she was born of the truest of loves. Naturally, this got us wondering if perhaps that will mean Emma’s new baby brother will possess magical abilities as well. “Right now, the baby is only a couple days old, so I wouldn’t expect to see fire coming out of his eyes anytime soon,” Horowitz jokingly told EW. As for the baby’s name, which is set to be announced during a coronation celebration at Granny’s, Horowitz simply said, “When you hear it, it’ll make sense.”

On what to expect from the season finale and where we’ll go from here:

With celebrations in order for Mary Margaret and David’s new baby, and Hook and Emma set to find themselves being sucked into the Enchanted Forest of the past, it’s clear that Oncers are in for a few twists and turns this Sunday. While both showrunners are keeping tight-lipped on specific finale details, Kitsis divulged that the finale fans will see can only be described as “a self-contained two-hour movie” and “a summation of the season.” As for where our resident Storybrooke gang will be going next, Horowitz had this to say: “We can’t tell you much, but I will say what the future holds is made pretty clear in the last few minutes of the episode. Let’s just say, you’ll definitely be wanting some answers from us come Monday morning!”

Tune in to Once Upon a Time’s two-hour season finale tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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